Rachel is a DONA trained Birth Doula, who is new to the Doula world, but not new to supporting families. She’s been a Marriage and Family Therapist since 2010 and has worked in supporting people and families since 2004. Her work providing therapy for couples combined with the birth of her own children helped develop her passion for helping pregnant people and families going through the transition of adding babies to their lives.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I’m thrilled that you are considering hiring a doula to support you in your pregnancy and birth and would love to connect with you to see if we’re a good fit for one another! I’m drawn to helping women find the power in their bodies and the confidence to move through the miraculous event of birth. I also love helping partners feel confident and capable in supporting their love through the birthing process. My hope is that you leave this life-changing experience feeling positive about your birth and more connected with each other.

I look forward to talking with you and would be honored to be by your side as you experience love at first sight!

Our golden kissing our baby daughter. I promise I won’t let my dog lick your baby 🙂

As a part of my services, I offer:

  • A free consultation over the phone, via Zoom, or in person
  • 2-3 prenatal appointments lasting 1-2 hours each to discuss your vision for your birth, how you most like to be supported, and plans for care after the baby arrives.
  • Ongoing support through phone calls and texts throughout pregnancy
  • On-call support from 2 weeks prior to the estimated delivery date through the birth
  • Continuous support throughout labor and delivery
  • Nursing support and referrals to lactation specialists if needed
  • One post-partum visit in your home
  • Additional supportive services may also be provided that we may discuss together