Hi there! I’m so glad you’re here. I love therapy! It’s such a great place to get things off your chest, run your thoughts by someone other than your friends, and to get a neutral party’s point of view on your relationships, family dynamics, struggles at work, worries or difficulties with anxiety or depression.

I also love being a therapist. I love to be able to be here for people and to use the years I’ve had in training and in working with people to help them move through some of the places they feel stuck and to lessen the weight of their struggles. As a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, I’m see individuals for therapy as well as couples and families. My primary focus in therapy is helping people who struggle with anxiety, who struggle to live fully and authentically, and couples who are struggling to communicate well and connect deeply.

I primarily see individuals and see couples as well. I take a pretty casual and warm approach and try to show up for you in the way you need me to in sessions. So that means, if you need a compassionate ear, I’m here for you. Or if you like a little more umph in your sessions, I’m there to call you out a bit so you can see some of the places you may be contributing to your struggles. I can teach you skills for coping with anxiety, depression, struggles sleeping or dealing with others, if you’d like. I am here for you if you feel pulled to share and process past trauma, which can be an important part of healing, but I will not push you to share more than you’re ready to, ever. You’re in the drivers seat, should this be an area you’d like to explore, and I will respect your limits no matter what. I’ll never push you to go deeper than you’d like to. I see myself as someone who is along side you in the work you do in therapy and hope to support you in finding your own footing, hope, tools and peace in your relationships.

If you’re a bit of a therapy geek, like me, and are interested in theories, I would say I primarily utilize techniques that align with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Therapy, Client Centered, Gottman’s Couple Therapy techniques, Shame Resilience and Emotion Focused Therapy.

I often find that common threads run through many of our struggles. Those seem to be beliefs about ourselves or others that hold us back, difficulty moving forward or struggling to let go of the past, and the need to strengthen certain skills. I love helping people develop skills to manage their anxiety and emotions, to improve their ability to communicate and connect with others, and to strengthen skills within their relationships, including with their children.

Mostly in therapy, I am here to listen. I want to learn about you, your struggles and to work together with you to find ways of moving past those struggles! I truly care about the people I work with and will be by your side helping you find ways through the complexities of life.

I appreciate you stopping by to read a little about me and my work in therapy!

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