I grew up in Southern Arizona and attended the University of Arizona, earning my bachelor’s degrees in both Communication and in Psychology. During my time there is when I began working in the mental health care field.

When I realized I wanted more tools to help people navigate their emotions, relationships, and life, I decided to go to grad school to become a therapist. I moved to Hawaii and studied at Chaminade University of Honolulu to earn my Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family. I worked in the community in mental wellness for several years while I completed my graduate degree.

From there, I worked in drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities in in-patient, out-patient, and detox levels of care. Working with individuals, group therapy sessions and in couples sessions, I realized how so many of my clients’ concerns centered around their relationships, regardless of what additional struggles they may be facing.

While in Hawaii, I met and married my husband Mike, who was stationed there with the military. When he completed his time with the Navy, we decided to move back to his hometown, Boise, ID, and have been happily growing our roots here in the Treasure Valley since.

We now have two daughters, and we’ve been married since 2009! Our marriage has been GREATLY improved by the skills and tools we’ve been lucky to learn and practice.

After having our children, I found myself more and more drawn to birth work. I realized how imperative having a solid foundation in a relationship is in creating a safe and secure home environment for babies as well as for the couple to stay connected to each other! I poured myself into learning about couples, parenting, and babies, and how such a significant life change can affect a mother’s mental health and the wellness of her family. I now offer Birth Doula services as well, which is a way I can provide more intensive support during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.

When I’m not doing therapy, I’m reading about therapy or pregnancy and birth! Otherwise, I love spending time with my family and dog, going to community events, camping, finding hot springs, and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

Check out my Instagram page for more info: @rachelfabbi