Let’s start with what the couples groups are NOT. They are not a place to air your dirty laundry, they’re not for throwing your partner (or your partner throwing YOU) under the bus, and they won’t be a place where you’ll share intimate details about your relationship with your friends or other group participants.

What they are:
Couples groups are a casual and relaxed way of learning the skills taught in many couples therapy sessions. While seeing couples for therapy, I realized I was teaching many of the same skills to couple after couple. These skills help couples to connect and communicate in healthier, more effective ways.

Groups are held in the home of the host couple, where you are welcome to serve appetizers, snacks or a meal if you choose. Couples gather in the home and share the space learning these skills together.

There will be information to take home, some couple-participation activities you and your partner participate in together, and lots of fun and love.
We will focus on communication, conflict management, and connection.

We can schedule your theraparty on a Friday evening, Saturday morning or afternoon, or if weeknights work better, we can chat about days that would work for you.

The groups cost $80 per couple, with a minimum of 4 couples. The host couple gets their group admission for free!